Evan Williams

[email protected]


I’m a computer scientist with particular interests in UX engineering, testing, and automation. I studied at the University of Reading, and have worked both for Microsoft and in a freelance consultancy role. I am currently seeking employment beginning autumn 2014. For more details, find me on LinkedIn.

I am proficient in procedural, object oriented, and functional programming; and while I’m always happy to develop new skills, I have a good knowledge of C#, Java, Javascript (in particular jQuery), and Powershell. I am also adept in non-programming web technologies such as (X)HTML, CSS, SVG, and a variety of the more commonly used XML technologies. For a clearer idea of what I can do, take a look at my portfolio.

I also design, organise, and run pervasive games. A selection of games I have built have been published on this site under a creative commons licence that you are free to run yourself. If you would like me to design or run a game for you as a corporate team building exercise, stag do, or other event get in touch and we’ll see what we can arrange.


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